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  • Jon & Ana Schleifer
    Jon & Ana Schleifer Chairman of the Board
  • Daniel & Jamie Bell
    Daniel & Jamie Bell Director
  • Jacque Schliefer
    Jacque Schliefer Board Secretary/Treasurer

Our Story

Founded in 2006

IHS Deliveries (In His Service Deliveries) was founded by Will & Jacque Schleifer after their return from six months with Missions Ablaze in Durban, South Africa.  The ministry’s purpose is to send funds to missionaries in need.
IHS Deliveries is a registered charitable tax-exempt, organization with the IRS under 501-C3 statute.  100% of your donation will be given to your selected ministry.  All wire transfers and any administration costs are paid by IHS Deliveries.

Our Missionaries


Peet & Corinne Schalekamp
Mokopane, South Africa

Peet and Corinne have recently joined Blessman Ministries in Makopane, South Africa.  They will be pioneering an organic farm for the  ministry restoring a large home/building to be used as a training center and building their own home.  Life can be dangerous here as there is much racial tension.  Please pray for their safety.

Tinus and Meisie Lindeque
Durban, South Africa

Celebrating 21 years of blazing through the mission fields of Southern Africa.  They feed the poor, in Spirit, Soul and Body.

Ministry wise the work is flawlessly growing and being executed with excellence of which they are thankful.  Due to illness Tinus and Meisie have temporarily released the ministry into the very capable hands of their grandson Hein.


Happy Juawawo

Happy is an evangelist to his region and beyond. The Lord has told him to go into the worst places of the earth and reclaim the God-forsaken cities, communities, villages and barrios, setting slaves to drugs, prostitution, addiction and poverty, free! In the wonderful name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

Happy is a beautiful man of God, who when he meets you will say, “Hello, I’m Happy! Are you happy?”


Pastor Sardar and Naseem Masih

This past year the Lord has graciously supplied a large base for this ministry with plenty of living space for staff and students in the future. With a team of 10 from America we were graciously hosted to three weeks of helping on this base in November.

The focus of the ministry is to win souls to Christ one at a time. They have a food ministry but box and take food to the homes of individuals in need. The goal to get to know them personally, lead them to Christ and direct them to a church that will disciple them.

The entire family works actively in the ministry – going without, themselves, if necessary. Missionaries of integrity and much prayer.

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